Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I'm Tamara, blessed wife of eleven years and mama to four little boys (ages 9, 6, 4, and 2). I basically live in a madhouse full of loud, rambunctious, crazy little men, and it's just the absolute best! I may feel crazy 90% of the time, but it's a beautiful kind of crazy, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I love Jesus, and hope that He shines through all that I do. I also love Thai iced tea, my Happy Planner, and two spoonfulls of peanut butter with 30 chocolate chips sprinkled in and then microwaved for 29 seconds (try it - you'll thank me). Oh! And naps. I love naps. I especially love when they nap, but I'll take one whenever I can get one too - which is usually once a year. Ok, I love dreaming of naps...

I'm a dreamer. I tend to dabble in lots of different things, and have a mental business plan for about three hundred different ventures. Current motto: Just because I CAN, doesn't mean I SHOULD. I'm constantly working on prioritizing and seeking His rhythm, not mine.

I'm a REAL mom. And I lead a moms group at church called just that: Real Moms. I never planned on being called into women's ministry, but boy am I thankful God put me there. Who knew that a mom of four boys would need some girl time?! I've been so blessed to serve alongside some of my best friends, and I'm really excited for what God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in us and through us!

I want to share the real moments - the ones that every woman can relate to. I'm not perfect and I definitely don't know it all, but I do know that I want to use the obstacles that I've overcome, and the victories I've found in Jesus to encourage other women to keep up the good fight. As a mom, I want to remind other mamas to stop, breathe, and enjoy their blessings. And I want to encourage them to capture some moments along the way. Because someday we'll be happy we did.

So, welcome. I hope you will be challenged, encouraged, and reminded of how good He is, and how blessed you are!