Capturing Moments

Sometimes, in the moment, we don't realize how much we'll treasure the memories being made. The chaos that comes with being a mom (or dad) seems never-ending at times, and we often find ourselves so consumed with making opportunities for memories to happen, that we forget to stop and enjoy them. 

If you're a parent, you know what I mean. Family vacations, trips to the fair, or pretty much any adventures that we manage to plan seem to come and go faster than we'd like. All of the planning, packing, actually getting there (despite the chaos), and just plain exhaustion sometimes make it difficult to be completely present and enjoy the moments we've somehow created. 

But then, this happens.

You know what I mean, those moments that, despite your exhaustion, you stare at your babies laughing and just kinda lose it? You feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, joy, excitement, and rejuvenation all at once, and are reminded why you do what you do.

The photographer in me says this: Capture THOSE moments. The ones that happen when you least expect them to, but that change everything. The ones that your photographer probably isn't there for. The ones that make you *feel* something. Capture the moments that define your *why*. Use your camera, use your phone, use whatever you can - but capture them. Because those are the moments that we'll look back on and cherish the most.

This photo was taken (and edited) on my iPhone. It's low quality, kinda blurry, and it's one of my favorite pictures ever. 

Until next time,