The Step

This step, the same step that I sat on when I was one year old... and two, and three.

This step takes me back to watching the trains go by, looking at the stars, singing songs while Grampi played his guitar, eating sandwiches and running barefoot. This step opens the floodgates of memories... playing house, running through the sprinklers, the butterfly call, building birdhouses, and so much more. It reminds me of how amazing my grandparents are, and how blessed I've been to do life with them. It's more than just a step to me. I see the sparkles of my childhood in that step, and it takes me back to times I will forever treasure and hold in my heart. And now, to see my boy sitting on my step, it fills my heart in an unexplainable way. 

Friends, stop to capture the places where real life happens, the places that will someday take you and your family back to the good ol' days. After all, these are the good ol' days in the making!

Until next time,