Digging for Treasure

Yesterday they played in the sand for hours, digging and searching for treasure. 
Do you ever feel like you're digging and digging, but never seem to find the treasure?

When it was time to come in, I asked how his treasure hunt went, and he replied with, "It went great! We found lots of treasure!"

Surprised by his answer, I turned to find him holding a pile of rocks that, in my eyes, were not the treasure I would have searched for. Yet, somehow it brought him extreme joy.

In that moment, I was reminded that, often, the treasure is not shiny gold or a sparkling gem. Often, the treasure is aged, worn, and unexpected.

Looking for treasure? Let's not keep our eyes so focused on what we want the treasure to be, that we toss out the true treasure we discover on our journey. The treasures of love, giving, sacrifice, commitment, and perseverance, all of which bring such unexplainable joy. Let's find joy in the journey and rest in the comfort of knowing that the ultimate treasure awaits us on the other side, should we choose to accept it.