Stand Tall

Although my mommy heart would love to keep all of my babies home forever, our ultimate goal is to raise young men of God who will ultimately transfer their dependency from us to Him. And you know what? While it does start with a decision to make that the goal, it's truly all in the doing.

Integrity is developed, character is built, and love is practiced. None of these great virtues are one-time choices - in fact - they are all compiled of lots and lots of choices, ones that are made every day, every time.

Will our kiddos make mistakes? Be scared if they don't. But it's from their mistakes that we can teach/show them what it means to respond with integrity, with Godly character, and how to earn trust again. 

You know what that means? We have some choices to make too. Because to truly SHOW them what it means to live lives of integrity, Godly character, and love, we have to actually... you know... live it. We have to choose it - every day, every time. Even when we don't feel like it, even when it's hard.


Standing tall doesn't mean we won't fall. It means, when we do, we get back up and stand tall again. Making these choices isn't the easy way to live. It's easier to be selfish and lack integrity. But, speaking from experience, life is much more full when we choose to stand tall and choose Him. And that's what we want for them, for our kids. It's not easy, but it's worth it. 

So, with our goal in mind, we will press forward, trusting that all of this hard work - every day and every good choice - will result in strong, integral, loving men of God. What an honor it is to be their Mama.

Stand tall my boy. Stand so, so tall.