Third Grade

Tomorrow he starts third grade, and I'm feeling just a little bit emotional about it.

Sometimes I treat him like he's a little adult. I expect a lot from him - he's an exceptional little eight-year-old. He asks questions that baffle me, says things that inspire and challenge me, and loves people in ways that truly teach me. He loves the Lord so fiercely. Exceptional is the only word I can think of to describe it, and that's why I expect so much of him.

But then he does this. He sits at the table, sound effects louder than the music I'm trying to listen to. He sits and he plays. His little guys fight and knock each other over. He laughs. And then I remember, oh yeah - he's eight.


It's easy to expect a lot from a boy like him. And I believe I should. But I also have to remind myself that, yeah, he's eight. And eight is good. Eight is innocent. Let him be eight.

The journey of parenthood is a wild ride, isn't it? It's full of joy and excitement, disappointment and heartbreak, realizations and growth. I never knew that I could have contradicting feelings at the same time until I became a parent. 

So with joy and heartbreak, tomorrow we start a new chapter - an amazing chapter. Our biggest boy is starting third grade, and we couldn't be more proud! 

Do big things for the Lord, mijito. I know you will.