Facing the Giants

I'll be honest - I was nervous about him starting Kindergarten.

Admission: At walk through, I couldn't help but notice the other kids talking. It wasn't what they were saying, but how they were saying it - clearly, intelligible. My mommy panic set in and I started listing reasons in my head why he's just not ready for this. He's not like them. He has delays. He struggles with transition! They'll make fun of him. He'll feel inadequate. Run!

The first few days of school didn't help. He cried every morning, begging me to take him home. He'd eventually settle in, but I left the classroom crying every morning. I knew he wasn't ready. But, every afternoon at pickup his teacher would tell me what a great day he had. He's making friends, playing well, loving school.

And today? Today he walked straight to his classroom, got in line, turned to me with a wave and said, "Bye Mama! I love you!" Then he turned to his friends and started talking. WHAT? But! No, you're not ready for this!

But... he is.

Friends, do your insecurities and fears for your children ever do this to you? I often allow my anxiety to take control, holding me back and preventing me from embracing their journeys alongside them. What my kids need is a mom who will stand tall and challenge them to face difficult and uncomfortable situations, not give them reasons to step back or quit. They need a mama who will teach them to transfer their dependency from her, to Him.

Today it's kindergarten, but tomorrow it's bigger, stronger giants. And I want to raise Davids.

My big boy, so courageous and strong. I want to be brave like you, Zavi boy.


Until next time,