Nourish to Flourish

Flourish: To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

I want to flourish. Like, deep down in my soul I want so badly to flourish. I want to be constantly developing in a healthy way, and in every way! In my relationship with God, in my marriage, with my kids, in ministry and my relationship with friends - in it all. I don't want to be stagnant.

But who here knows that in order to flourish, we need nourishment? To nourish is to provide the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. We need substance - nourishment - to grow, to flourish.

For so long, I've been seeking nourishment in the things I do. I've served in many ways, started many ventures, and read countless articles and books, spending lots of time seeking that growth, that fulfillment. And I've done most of it with the right intention - to grow, to help, to provide opportunity for my family, to nourish what was drying up. I've failed countless times and learned so many lessons on the way. And yes, I have grown. But you know what's been missing for the past eight years?


Don't get me wrong - we've made some incredible memories as a family over the years, and I've been so blessed. But you know what I've missed out on? Childhood. I can't say there haven't been moments of it sprinkled here and there, because there have. But not enough. There hasn't been enough childhood, enough letting them be children, enough of this. 

You know what I mean, right? It's not always easy to ignore our projects to go play outside or read a book twenty seven times. But like I said in one of my previous posts, when we say YES to one thing, we say NO to something else. For far too long I've said yes to everything else and no to my kids.

But you guys, this is a praise report! Because you know what I've been doing? Saying yes to what matters (and no to the things that matter less). And you know what? I've never felt so nourished. Yeah, my house isn't caught up and my to do list doesn't have many checks on it. I've taken care of the essentials though, and I've tried to enjoy doing it. But mostly, I've been stopping, breathing, and taking in the nourishment that is childhood, the joy that comes with enjoying my children. My soul feels so nourished. And the best part? With nourishment, comes a flourishing life.

What does flourishing look like to you? I've come to learn that, for me, it's having peace, joy, and self-control. You know how hard it is to have these things when you're not nourished?! But give me nourishment, and I will flourish! I won't be perfect, of course I won't, but I'll flourish. 

Friends, may this be a reminder to you to stop, breathe, and take some time to nourish your souls. Spend time with God, and spend time with your family. Parents, enjoying your kids - making time for them - will nourish your soul, I promise. Spend some quality time just enjoying your family.

Nourish to flourish. 

Until next time,