The Guy I Get to Call Mine

Twenty years ago, I laid eyes on this handsome guy (actually, I laid eyes on his modeling headshot that was taped to his baby sister’s desk in 5th grade), and I got butterflies.

After meeting him, I was in ten-year-old love. I knew I had to marry the cute teenager who gave an awkward ten-year-old like me the time of day. He wasn’t rude or too good for me. He genuinely cared about me. Ok fine, he genuinely cared about everyone because he’s always been amazing like that, but in my eyes, he cared about me, and that mattered. So I declared our future together to his family and friends!

Fast forward eight years. Though we each had our own, very different lives, we somehow stayed slightly in touch over the years via our bleep bleep Nextel phones... mostly me bleeping him so he wouldn’t forget about me!

One day, after I returned home from my first year of college, we re-connected. I’ll never forget that day... It felt like love at first sight. And in a strange, overwhelming, unexpected way, we knew it was exactly what God had for each of us. And a year later, we were married!

And now? Now I get to call the guy that stole my ten-year-old heart my husband. My best friend. My perfect provision. Ten years of marriage and four beautiful boys, all with this hunk.


Can I be honest? I wish I could say it’s always been a fairytale. But friends, it hasn’t. We have faced some serious obstacles. We’ve come unbelievably close to quitting. It’s been HARD at times. But you know what? What we have, it’s always been worth fighting for. Even when we didn’t feel like it. Even when we didn’t know it, it was worth it.

It’s not easy, friends. It’s easier to quit when times get tough. But man am I thankful we fought for us. And now, today, those butterflies he gives me are a beautiful reminder of who he is, who HE is, and the incredible blessings that come with obedience and commitment. Fight for it, friends.

God is so much bigger than our circumstances guys. When we say yes to Him and can truly deny ourselves, miracles happen. Straight up miracles.

Thank you for choosing me, Arami. Then and today. I love you like crazy. ♥️